1-2 What a big help you are to me—

poor, weak man that I am!

You give such good advice

and share your knowledge with a fool like me!

Who do you think will hear all your words?

Who inspired you to speak like this?


The spirits of the dead tremble

in the waters under the earth.

The world of the dead lies open to God;

no covering shields it from his sight.

God stretched out the northern sky

and hung the earth in empty space.

It is God who fills the clouds with water

and keeps them from bursting with the weight.

He hides the full moon behind a cloud.

10 He divided light from darkness

by a circle drawn on the face of the sea.

11 When he threatens the pillars that hold up the sky,

they shake and tremble with fear.

12 It is his strength that conquered the sea;[b]

by his skill he destroyed the monster Rahab.[c]

13 It is his breath that made the sky clear,

and his hand that killed the escaping monster.[d]

14 But these are only hints of his power,

only the whispers that we have heard.

Who can know how truly great God is?


  1. Job 26:5 Bildad is not named in the text, but this speech is usually assigned to him.
  2. Job 26:12 A reference to an ancient story in which the sea fought against God.
  3. Job 26:12 See 9.13.
  4. Job 26:13 See 9.8.